Natural Breast Enhancement: No Knives, No Lies!

Millions of women do not have naturally large breasts, so they try various methods to enlarge them. Many of them shy away from various breast enhancement surgery options due to the complications and risks involved. With the advancement in technology now, many natural breast enhancement products are available on the market. Some of these are herbs, natural breast enhancement creams, pills and supplements.

Natural or herbal breast enhancement options available on the market are less costly and painless, and have already proved their efficacy amongst its users.

However, before choosing any natural breast enhancement product, you should do adequate research and seek advice from friends/experts before using any of these products.

The natural breast enhancement pills and creams use extracts of various naturally grown plants and herbs as the active ingredients. They have properties that resemble hormones that are necessary for stimulating the growth of breast tissues.

Ingredients Used in Herbal Breast enhancement

herbal breast enhancement ingredients
One of these herbs is blessed thistle. Extensive research has been done on this plant in the US, and it has been found to be highly effective in breast enlargement. This has even been confirmed by FDA. Aside from its breast enhancement properties, it is also used for treating low appetite and indigestion. It is also helpful in increasing milk production in nursing mothers

Another important plant based element found in mainland China is dong quai. It is recognized universally for its ability to relieve menstrual pain. It has good estrogenic properties that are necessary for natural breast enhancement.

Another important ingredient used for breast enhancement is saw palmetto.

Fenugreek is a wonder herb with amazing medicinal properties that makes it useful ingredient in therapeutic and medical properties. Its parts are used for both external and internal purposes. The high amount of mucilage (44 percent) makes this herb a essential ingredient. The breast milk of mothers who take fenugreek have low cholesterol and fat content.

Blessed thistle is also referred to as holy thistle or spotted thistle. Aside from being used in natural breast enhancement cream, it is also used for treating various ailments such as gynecological discomforts, indigestion, pain, cancer, diarrhea and some liver ailments. It also has breast enhancement properties.

Fennel is a natural aromatic herb that is used in various types of foods. It is also used for treating digestion problems in both men and women. It also promotes metabolism in body. Various oil components in fennel can trigger secretion of various digestive enzymes that are important for body. It is also used for enhancing milk production in nursing mothers.

Other herbs used for breast enhancement include dandelion, watercress, red clover, and wild yam.

A Natural Breast Enhancement Product

Breast Actives pills and creamAn excellent natural breast enhancement product that has most of these natural ingredients is Breast Actives. It has been on the market since more than a decade now and is one of the most preferred natural products in this field.

It entire treatment includes herbal pills as dietary supplements, a natural breast enhancement cream based on Pueraria Mirifica and special exercises that have been developed specifically to improve the tone, lift and appearance of the breasts. The combination gives excellent results within few weeks.

However, Breast Actives is not an overnight solution. But if you are patient and can follow this program as directed for several weeks, its results are guaranteed. Thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers bear this out.

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